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Rapido Motorhomes


ESP with Traction+, ESC and Hill Descent Control*

1. ESP

ESP is an anti-skid system capable of braking one or more wheels to stabilise the vehicle.

  • Option : 6F, 8F, 80dF
  • Pack : 70F, DISTINCTION

2. Traction+*

On mud, snow, sand and grass, it removes drive from the sliding wheel and redistributes it to one with better grip.

  • Option : 6F, 8F, 80dF
  • Pack : 70F, DISTINCTION

* Standard on vehicles with GVW of 4,4 T / 4,5 T, and vehicles with an automated Comfort Matic gearbox.

3. ESC : Electronic Stability Control

Constantly controls the vehicle’s handling (wheel movement and direction) and, if necessary, individually brakes wheels or reduces engine power to reduce speed. It includes the Hill Holder.

  • Option: 6F, 8F, 80dF
  • Pack: 70F, DISTINCTION

4. Hill Descent Control

Helps maintain the desired speed while descending without having to constantly use the brake.

  • Option : 6F, 8F, 80dF
  • Pack: 70F, DISTINCTION

5. 100% LED front lights

Ultra reliable LED projectors with flashing modes and circular day running lights.

  • Option: i1066, i1090

6. LITHIUM technology

Enjoy greater autonomy and rapid charging for unrivalled freedom.

  • LITHIUM living area battery prewiring - SUPER B READY
    Standard: 70F, 80dF, DISTINCTION (except i1066, i1090)
  • 90Ah LITHIUM living area battery
    Standard: i1066, i1090
    Option: 70F, DISTINCTION
  • Second 90Ah LITHIUM living area battery (total capacity = 180Ah)
    Option: 70F, DISTINCTION

7. ABS (Anti lock Brake System)

Prevents the wheels from locking during braking, reduces stopping distances and maintains the motorhome’s steering ability.

  • Standard: 6F, 70F, 8F, 80dF, DISTINCTION

8. Euro 6 engine equipment

Most recent European standard that sets the maximum emissions levels for motor vehicles. A cleaner vehicle guaranteed.

  • Standard: 6F, 70F, 8F, 80dF, DISTINCTION

9. Airbags

Protect you in head-on collisions and from violently connecting with any internal fittings.

  • Driver, Standard: 6F, 70F, 8F, 80dF, DISTINCTION
  • Passenger, Standard: 70F, DISTINCTION
  • Passenger, Pack: 6F, 8F, 80dF

10. Cruise control

System that automatically maintains the vehicle’s speed for greater driving comfort.

  • Standard: 70F, DISTINCTION
  • Pack: 6F, 8F, 80dF

11. Cab air conditioning

Cab air conditioning enables you to concentrate on your driving, even in hot weather.

  • Manual, Standard: 6F, 70F, 8F, 80dF, DISTINCTION
  • Automatic, Option: 6F, 70F, 8F, 80dF, DISTINCTION

12. Height-adjustable cab seats

Adjust to your liking for greater driving comfort.

  • Standard: 70F, DISTINCTION
  • Pack: 6F, 8F, 80dF

13. Extra-wide rear track

For better driving stability. Greater comfort and safety

  • Standard: 6F, 70F, 8F, 80dF, DISTINCTION

14. Air premium rear suspension (On HEAVY chassis only)

On AL-KO chassis. A true feeling of comfort.

  • Option: 80dF, DISTINCTION

15. Seatbelts for the rear passengers

Models with forward-facing seats are fitted with rear seatbelts. Therefore all models are fitted with at least four 3-point seatbelts (cab seats included).

  • Standard: 6F, 70F, 8F, 80dF, DISTINCTION

16. Forward-facing seats: modular bench

Benches with modular seats to change from a living room configuration to a forward-facing position with seatbelt while travelling.

Simple, easy-to-handle bench seats!

  • Standard6F, 70F, 850F, 866F, 883F, 896F, 80dF, DISTINCTION

17. « Coming home » mode

Automatic awning light via central unlocking 

  • Standard: 6F, 70F, 8F, 80dF, DISTINCTION

Wing mirrors

18a . Electric, de-icing.

  • Standard: 70F
  • PACK: 6F

18b . Coach-style. Electric, de-icing. White.

  • PACK8F, 80dF (doubleview: option)

18c . Coach-style. Electric, de-icing and double-view. Two-tone colour.

  • Standard: i66, i86, i96, i165, i190

18d . Coach-style. Electric, de-icing and double-view. Two-tone colour.

  • Standard: i1066, i1090

19. Alloy rims

To customise the external style of your vehicle, the following alloy rims are available as an option :

19.a Light alloy 15” FIAT rims for light models (3.5T or 3.65T)

  • Standard: 696F
  • Option: 6F, 8F

19.b Light alloy 16” Fiat rims for light models (3.5T or 3.65T)

  • Option: 6F, 8F

19.c 16” light alloy FIAT rims in HEAVY (4.4T)

  • Standard: 696F HEAVY version
  • Option: 6F, 8F

19.d 15” and 16” light alloy SCORPION rims for LIGHT (3.5T or 3.7T) / 16” for HEAVY (4.4T or 4.5T) / 16” rims: +4.5cm vehicle height.

  • Standard: 8066dF, 8096dF, i96 (15" LIGHT / 16" HEAVY), i1066, i1090 (16")
  • Option: 70F, 80dF, DISTINCTION

20. Gas inverter with anti-crash system

Lets you use gas while travelling to heat the living area or the water supply. In the event of an accident, it shuts off the gas before the pipes and appliances are damaged.

  • Standard: 70F, DISTINCTION
  • PACK: 6F, 8F, 80dF

21. IBS (Intelligent Battery System)

Tells you the remaining battery time based on your current energy usage.

  • Pack: 70F, DISTINCTION


Better access to the service area.

  • Standard: 80dF, DISTINCTION

23. Fresh water/waste water network

Similar materials to those used in your house, which meet food quality standards (polyethylene). Semi-rigid pipes with rapid couplings and distribution manifold centralisation. Waste water network: rigid pipes.

  • Standard: 6F, 70F, 8F, 80dF, DISTINCTION