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Rapido Motorhomes


It can sometimes be complicated finding a motorhome that perfectly suits your needs. That is why Rapido gives you everything you need to get to understand your purchase and find your ideal vehicle. Whichever Rapido you choose, you are guaranteed a quality motorhome featuring the latest in innovations. Check out all the essential tips in our purchasing guide today!


A key step before starting any search is setting your budget! Your motorhome’s price will depend on a number of factors, including bodywork, chassis, layout, length, interior décor and fittings.

Of course, build quality and the care taken in preparing your vehicle comes with a price tag. That is why 100% of our vehicles start with what we call Novatech build quality. Based on four key pillars, this production process guarantees the comfort and longevity of your motorhome. Furthermore, we continually monitor quality at our factory. Our teams are constantly drilled in Rapido’s quality standards. We know that customer satisfaction starts with build quality. That is why Rapido has implemented a rigorous process.

Don’t quite have the budget? You might want to try a second-hand Rapido! Take a look at all the second-hand Rapido models sold by our distributors.


This is a key decision and must be made at the start of your search. In fact, it will heavily influence your search. So don’t make this decision lightly!

Rapido has three types of bodywork

Your choice will be guided by your plans for your motorhome usage.  Will you be using it as a second car? Will you be travelling more than half of the year? Or only a few weekends per year? As a family? As a couple? So many questions you must ask yourself to ensure you make the right choice!


The van is designed using the original bodywork of a utility vehicle. We take care of fitting out the interior. Fans of the van are growing in numbers! This option is ideal for couples. Thanks to its small size, it goes unnoticed and allows you to get off the beaten track. Discretion, handling and capability are the keywords of our Rapido Van range!



Low-profile motorhomes combine a “cab chassis” from a vehicle manufacturer with a living area from us. This is the most popular model on the market today. Many motorhome enthusiasts choose this type of bodywork for its light weight, great handling and lower cost. The Rapido low-profile range undoubtedly offers the best variety on the market. You will love its elegant low-profile hood joining the driver’s cab and the living area. And if you are after extra berths, choose a model with a drop-down bed!


Unlike low-profile models, the A-Class is designed using a “bare chassis”. We create the vehicle’s bodywork in its entirety. Rapido continues to set the standard in terms of expertise.  Our Rapido A-Class motorhomes feature pure, elegant lines and spacious living areas. Get ready to fall under the spell of a motorhome whose stylish interior meets great looks enhanced by a curvy front! Of course, all our A-class models feature a drop-down cab bed.


Our entire Rapido range sits on Fiat Ducato base vehicles. However, some models also feature an AL-KO chassis. Take a look at these two chassis.

Special Fiat chassis

All our models sit on a Fiat Ducato chassis. Particularly suited to the demands of the motorhome world, the special Fiat chassis comes in several wheelbases and lengths. The extra-wide rear track provides greater stability while driving. This technical characteristic is clearly yet another great feature as it means the useable living area space can be slightly increased. Meaning more onboard space for you!

AL-KO chassis

The AL-KO is the best chassis as it is capable of meeting load, weight and wheelbase distribution needs. It also provides unrivalled driving comfort. Its design delivers greater safety thanks to its robust chassis and independent suspension. 


This option is reliant on your chassis choice. A double floor lets you enjoy extra amenities, however service and storage double floors offer different benefits.

Service double floor

This space contains electricity, water and gas systems. It protects your water tanks from freezing and makes it easier to access these networks using trapdoors located inside the motorhome.

Storage double floor

Essential for maximising your motorhome’s interior space. This double floor provides storage for all sorts of things, including bulky items. Just like the service double floor, you can access it using trapdoors inside your motorhome.

 Our long-term partnership with AL-KO means we can now produce vehicles built with a storage double floor that offers amazing storage capacity! You can find this storage double floor in all our AL-KO chassis A-class models. Here at Rapido, we are experts in this highly technical field which is how we could design a double floor that combines storage spaces and thermal insulation:

  • Large storage spaces with easy access from inside and outside the motorhome
  • Holds gas, electricity and heating systems and drinking water tanks, freeing up space in the living area
  • Heated storage double floor
  • Greater thermal insulation with the technical double floor


A prerequisite to choosing your motorhome is deciding on a layout! This is such an important choice to ensure you feel at home in your motorhome. Your choice will depend on your habits and preferences. But don’t panic, Rapido has no fewer than five different layouts to choose from. You’re sure to find one that fits your lifestyle! Whichever layout you choose, you will enjoy a cosy yet elegant bedroom featuring a number of storage options. As a bonus, you will enjoy a good night’s sleep thanks to the aluminium frame base with active slats and a Bultex® mattress on your permanent bed.

Central bed

The central bed is one of the most popular layouts with motorhome enthusiasts. It means you can enjoy sharing a snug space with your partner while still having your own area and room to move either side of the bed. With Rapido, you get backlit side storage alcoves with USB plugs where you can store your personal belongings at night. The drawer at the foot of the bed adds to the storage options. Some models are also equipped with a electric height-adjustable central bed. Simply press a button to raise or lower your storage space. You can change between a larger storage area and greater berth height.

Twin beds

This is the most versatile layout. Some models allow you to join the two beds to create an XXL bed. The best thing about twin beds is the individual comfort they provide, particularly in the Rapido range where they feature active slat bases and Bultex® mattresses. Rapido offers two twin bed layouts:
- High twin beds with large storage area, step for easier bed access and wardrobe at the foot of the bed
- Low twin beds with an even floor from the bedroom to the living room, easier bed access with good under-ceiling clearance and transverse rear bathroom

Transverse bed over storage area

Popular for its compact design, the transverse bed is a must in compact models. Set across the width of the motorhome, the transverse bed really maximises the living spaces. But that does not mean the transverse bed is any smaller. As you can see in our models! Another bonus is that the transverse bed often gives you a larger storage area.

Drop-down bed (living room or cab)

Goodbye permanent bed, hello onboard living! With no permanent bed, the focus is squarely on the living areas. These spaces have been completely rearranged. The living room is more welcoming and the kitchen grows in size. At night, you sleep on your drop-down bed (living room or cab).

Corner bed

Sometimes called a French-style bed, the corner bed sits on one side of the vehicle. This layout is great for shorter motorhomes. The bathroom sits alongside the bed to maximise onboard space. This makes the living room area quite comfortable.


Here, you need to choose between spaciousness and handling. It will depend on which criteria is most important to you. Of course, the more compact your motorhome is the easier it is to manoeuvre. However it will be less spacious. How you want to use your motorhome will influence your decision, particularly in terms of the number of people on board. Rapido offers a comprehensive range of models around the 6m mark for the more compact ones to over 8m for the longer ones.


Onboard comfort is closely related to the temperature inside your motorhome. That is why Rapido has developed several technologies so you can always find the right one to suit your needs. Truma and Alde heating systems are the most common on the market. Combined with Rapido’s quality insulation, you are guaranteed to be able to enjoy your motorhome in any season.

Truma heating

This type of heating is the most common in the world of motorhomes. It operates on gas and electricity (for EH models) and provides safety in an accident with its collision sensor which automatically shuts off the gas. Another Rapido bonus is the Truma CP Plus control panel which lets you programme your motorhome temperature for various times so you can enjoy even greater comfort.

ALDE heating

Working in collaboration with the ALDE team, Rapido has developed a top-of-the-range central heating system that has been tested, with great success, in Scandinavia. It has become a benchmark for the market, generating and evenly distributing heat throughout the living area and cab (A-Class windscreen and cab-living area connection), with the option of setting the bedroom temperature separately. The gas boiler feeds a network of pipes and convectors to create a flow of warm air along the walls. The partitions, furniture and air are gradually heated, forming a barrier of warm air which insulates the windows.  It also boasts a Frost Control system. This system lies around the motorhome perimeter, eliminating cold spots and circulating a uniform temperature. This gentle, silent warmth comes with clean air. The ALDE heating system developed by Rapido boasts its own special features. The plate heat exchanger uses heat from the engine to heat the ALDE system which helps rapidly increase the temperature. Our ALDE heating system boasts up to 25 convectors. That is equal to 18m of convector length!

Click here for more details on the various heating methods available.

 Is it all clear now? Know everything you need to about motorhomes? Now you can check out our motorhome comparison tool to find the perfect Rapido for you!



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